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What is the DR VEGAS affiliate program?

DR VEGAS Affiliates is the official affiliate program for - the UK’s largest online slots and games network.

Does DR VEGAS accept US players?

No, the site is compliant with the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and prevents US- resident players from depositing funds.

Can US-residents join DR VEGAS Affiliates?

Yes, you can! As long as you refer players from jurisdictions that are not deemed affected by the UIGEA (mostly US-resident players) then we will happily welcome you on the program.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a great way for webmasters to earn income from their own web pages. Affiliates earn commission by promoting DR VEGAS via and driving new players to the site. Simply by adding a DR VEGAS HTML banner or text link on your site and outlining our offering, you can earn commission (and bonuses!) on any revenue generated by the players you refer.

What kind of players does – The King of Slots! attract?

Our players are 45% male and 55% female, and are primarily interested in playing the best and most attractive slots. Most play out of the UK, where our games are highly recognisable. Our players are very loyal, with high lifetime revenue values . They like the ability to play low-stakes games all the way to high roller spin action. Lastly, our dedicated customer services team handles each player with respect and professionalism, meaning they know to trust and rely on the DR VEGAS brand.

How will you help me if I join DR VEGAS Affiliates?

We believe in working towards and maintaining strong business partnerships with our affiliates. DR VEGAS Affiliates will endeavour to support your marketing and optimisation strategy so that you can attract the right players to our site. We’ll provide you with marketing creative, tracking links and an automated reporting system which you can access to measure performance. If you are an established gaming affiliate you’ll probably already be well versed in this. If you’ve never been an affiliate, we can tell you about our most popular games and jackpots, supply you with relevant content and player promos and give you the professional advice you need to get started.

Where do I sign up?

Becoming an affiliate is easy. Go to and register all your details and options.

Can I use my existing site(s)?

If you believe that they are ideally placed to promote our gaming products then yes! Alternatively, you may consider building a bespoke portal that focuses on our games – for example an optimized slots and fruit machine site. As long as the sites are good at attracting the right player traffic and converting them, then you will have a high-success rate.

Do you offer white label sites?

For our more established and proven partners we can set up white label sites (partner domains) based on If technically compatible and subject to agreement, these are directly accessible via your site and are branded according to your corporate identity. We will implement the white label at our end and offer you updated performance reports.

How do I earn by becoming an affiliate?

Basically, any player that you refer to our site, who deposits money and wagers with it becomes a real money player (‘RMP’). An RMP who deposits and wagers enough to generate positive revenues will ensure that you are allocated a proportionate share or ‘commission’ of that player’s revenue during that players active lifetime. The longer customers play and spend – the more you earn! Being part of our affiliate program will provide you with a fantastic opportunity for financial gain. For more details about the revenue share structure, please see commissions, bonuses and referrals.

What is the commission structure?

The commission structure works on a revenue share basis. Affiliates earn a generous minimum 30% commission on revenue generated by the real money player(s) they refer.

Do I need to pay to join DR VEGAS Affiliates?

Not if you sign up as a standard affiliate! There are basically no costs associated with joining and remaining with the program. There may be some costs involved with joining up as a white label partner.

How do my players get tracked to my affiliate account?

As an affiliate you will have access to banners and other marketing tools specially coded with your unique affiliate id. This allows us to track which players are referred by you. DR VEGAS uses industry-leading affiliate program management software to provide detailed reports and statistics to help you make the most of the Affiliate Program. As an affiliate, you will be able to advertise any promotions running on in order to maximize the traffic diverted to

What reports can I access about my affiliates?

Using password protected access, you will be able to log into the affiliate reports at any time and obtain information about your affiliate account including amongst others the following details:


  • • Player Identification

  • • Number of players acquired

  • • Total revenue generated by players

  • • Amount owing to you as an affiliate

  • • Banner traffic and conversion stats

How and when do I get paid?

Payments will be made to you via cheque, player account or wire transfer on a monthly basis within 15 calendar days from the end of the relevant month for which you are being paid. The total is subject to the amount owing equalling or exceeding £50. If the amount owing to you is less than £50, this amount will be carried forward to the following month until such time as the £50 threshold is reached.

How do I get in touch with DR VEGAS Affiliates?

We welcome your questions and comments; please contact the affiliate team at We are here to get you the most out of our program.

What is your average payout rate?

DR VEGAS pays out about 95% to its players.

What is the minimum deposit a real money player (RMP) has to make? has a minimum £10 deposit requirement. If a player signs-up and deposits via your banner or text link he will be tagged as having come from your website and credited as your player. After the matching bonus has been played through, any further wagers will be considered revenue.

How do I know how much commission I’ve earned?

By logging onto the secure site you will have access to player reports and all commissions for any given player across their lifetime.

What should I do if my links are not working or I can’t see a player’s data?

Please give the system about 24 hours to update and refresh data. If problems persist, please get in touch with us via and we’ll try and solve your technical issues and ensure your players are allocated to you.

How do I upload HTML banners?

By logging onto the secure site you will find all creative links. All HTML banner creative and text links have specific tracking codes (tags) available that you simply copy and paste onto your site. You will also have basic instructions on how to do this.